Hello everybody.

In the previous two parts you could read a lot of things about Android Interface Definition Language. About its origin, theoretical and practical basics, how these basics are implemented in Android system, how AIDL works and how developer can use it (as a result, quite simple) and some other things about Android and computer science.

Well now, everything of this is pretty curious, but I would like to tell you about one more interesting thing. You are using AIDL much more, than you suppose.

WARNING! This article contains a lot of code that will be provided in shortened…

Hello everybody.

In previous article you could read about theoretical basics of Interface Definition Language and its main idea.

Well, unlike the previous one, this part will contain a lot of code and technical details. Sometimes you will see internal parts of Android system, the parts that most of developers should not worry about in their works.

The following material is dedicated to AIDL itself, how developer can use it, how it works and how RPC and IDL concepts are implemented in Android system. I hope you are interested and ready. Let’s start!

WARNING! The some code will be provided…

Hello everybody.

I would like to tell you one story about very ancient and not popular character of Android system. Not popular for developers, as they suppose. This is Android Interface Definition Language.

In this article I want to tell you about the origin of AIDL, about the base concept — IDL. Let’s get started.

WARNING! This article contains theoretical information only. The code examples, internals and actual technical details from Android system will be provided in the next articles.

This series of articles consist of three parts:

  1. The legend about AIDL. Part 1. The roots (you are here)
  2. The…

Hello everybody.

This post will be about popular solution from Google for Android developers — ViewModel (if you are not familiar with it yet — get started from official documentation). The main goal of article — show you how viewModel works, how this tool helps us to save state of our screens.

First of all it is better to note that viewModel — is just java code inside Android framework and there is no any magic… almost.

This mechanism was improved something about three times from its origin (2017) till the present day. …

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